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Articles about gluten-free lifestyle has popped up everywhere lately and dubbed as a fad for many. The Wall Street Journal had an article this week titled, “Giving Up Gluten To Lose Weight? Not So Fast“. I read these articles and am glad to know that there is attention to these sensitivities and the need to get the information out there to the public. I do believe that for those looking to lose weight that gluten-free portions of your day may help in the overall plan. In addition for some of those people who may be slightly overweight and have allergies, immune disorders, sleepiness or other odd symptoms that don’t make them feel really alive when they wake in the morning to go get it checked out. It’s not normal and could be related to a food or possibly gluten. I’m not a doctor, so don’t go changing your diet without thorough investigation, but be open to the possibility that what you are intaking could be a problem.

Oh and if gluten is your problem, you’ll likely lose some weight, but most likely water and general bloating from your body trying to protect itself from the inflammations. So yes you will lose some pudge.

Is a Gluten-Free World Cup Possible?

I’m heading out to South Africa to catch a few games of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. On this trip I’ll see a ton of soccer, the big 5 animals in Kruger and find out how gluten-free eating in South Africa fares. Maybe some good seafood, bush food and mix of European tastes. As I go, I’ll try to post messages, but I’m not really sure whether I’ll be able to get my Wordpress mobile working well enough.

I’m rooting for Spain and USA of course. The last game against Slovenia was awesome.

Ribs for SXSW Conference
March 13th, 2010

Ribs for SXSW Conference

Dry rub ribs

I’m at the South by Southwest Interactive (SXSW) Conference in Austin, Texas for the next couple days. Before coming here I thought of how I could prepare and get myself in the mood. So last week I had some amazing homemade pork ribs, with complete gluten-free seasonings and sides. Now a big slab of ribs in not my normal supermarket purchase, but it was on sale and looking really fresh. Here’s the quick recipe for the ribs with a dry rub.

Dry Rub

1/2 tblsp Cayenne pepper (depends on how much spice you like) 1/4-1/2 tblsp Paprika 2 tblsp brown sugar 1 crushed bay leaf 1 tblsp salt 1/4 tblsp lemon pepper (regular pepper is ok too) 1/4 tblsp onion powder 1/4 tblsp garlic powder

Mix all of these together. Then trim your ribs and score the flesh on the back side of the bone, this will make the devouring process easier Back to the cooking. Now rub the mix all over the ribs and place a oven rack. Place a pan of water underneath the rack to allow the ribs to steam in the oven at 375. Let this cook for about 35 mins and then turn up to heat to 400 for an extra 10 – 20 mins depending on how crispy or cooked you like your ribs.

I paired the ribs with quinoa and sauteed kale. This is a dinner that will fill you up and prepare your belly for a Texan meal.

Veggie Tales, Jack and the Brussel Stalk with Zucchini Man

Brussel stalk

It’s been several weeks and though I haven’t stayed completely gluten-free there are still many food that I love that happen to be gluten-free. The veggies are my favorites. Here I bought this gigantic stalk of brussel sprouts. I thought it looked so cool still on it’s branch, looking so fresh and tasty. I had no idea they grew this way, I always thought it was from a low ground plant that were like mini cabbages. Roast them or steam them, either way they’re awesome.

Grilled zucchini

Another one of my favorites is grilled zucchini. Slice the zucs length wise, brush on some olive oil, pepper and flip them after 2 minutes. These are ultra healthy cooked this way and there is so much flavor you don’t even need any salt. I remember back when there was an Iron Chef where the secret ingredient was zucchini. One of the judges, Michael Ruhlman, was so ignorant in saying that this vegetable didn’t have much of its’ own flavor. I completely disagree and now I don’t really trust any of his opinions on food. Anyways veggie away and hope you get some of the good natural flavors.

Day 90: Gluten-free or Back to Flour and Wheat

Fun 90 days

Today is day 90 and I’ve been thinking about what the last 90 days of a restricted diet did. I’ve come to realize a few key things about my body and food. I’ve realized my body isn’t the same as it was when I was 20, everything I eat matters. Each pork loin, broccoli, sweet potato and ice cream scoop makes an impact on how I feel and even look. Overall I think I’ve lost a little weight, unintentionally though. I haven’t had a sleepy food coma or bloaty days. I have found myself to be hungry a lot since eating a ton of vegetables and fruit requires a large volume of it to continue having ample energy. I eat a billion snacks and meals a day to keep up. I’m having more dark fruits, raw veggies and less processed foods. I do love my chips and crunchy snacks too.

When I first started the reason for this blog and going gluten-free was to try and see if it was causing my eczema flare-ups and see whether it was gluten that was the culprit. The answer is no. Gluten is not my problem. So where does that leave me and the gluten-free 3 months I’ve just had.

I think in the days, months and years ahead I probably will reduce my general gluten intake or really the amount of processed and unnatural ingredients in food. If there is an item that has less additives and more wholesome products I’ll choose that. I got asked, “What’s the first thing you’ll have that has gluten in it?” I’ve thought long and hard and I think it’s going to be pizza. The past several months without a good pizza slice has been driving me crazy. This coming week I will reintroduce certain things slowly back, I can’t go crazy with toast, cereal and a baguette for dinner since my body is completely void of it now. I’ll throw my body into a gluten shock. So little things will come back, but the things I’ll have will be specific, I’ll be picky with it and I’ll still have my gluten free meals often.

As for this blog, I’ll keep it up, post good recipes and articles of things I find that deal with gluten. It’s been fun testing myself and how I can stick to something so rigid and still be happy with it. I think I’ll need gluten-free anonymous after this. See you on the blogs.

Tomorrow is the Last Day
December 13th, 2009

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Tomorrow is my last official day of this 90 day blog and gluten free. It’s a little strange thinking I can step out of the gluten-free box. Will I even want to and am I going to go bread crazy? It’s kind of feeling like the end of camp and you’re ready to go home but you’re starting to have fun and enjoy being away. Wondering what will become when I return.

P.S. The weather is wet with a chance on thunderstorms. My skin likes this. I’m looking less alligatorish this week and my bright pink zebra monkey look is down to a pale pink.

Breakfast of Champions, Nature’s Path Corn Flakes

It took me about 80 some days till I found an in store gluten-free cereal. Nature’s Path which is sold at every supermarket has a Honey’d Corn Flake that I has always been gluten-free. You would think that regular Kellogg’s or Rice Crispies would be fine, but they have Malt which is usually a barley or rye.

Having cereal in the morning makes being gluten-free so much better. Most breakfast foods just aren’t very friendly. I like a bagel or yogurt with granola but those can’t be had. Try it with the almond milk for even more sweetness.

Day 80: The Chapping Air
December 5th, 2009

Day 80: The Chapping Air

Organics grow bigger and better.

It’s the beginning of December and the air is cold and chapping now. There hasn’t been any rain in a number of days. I’m still eating a lot of fresh veggies and homegrown fruits. Check out the grapefruit from the backyard of a central valley home. Organic and gigantic. Check out one with the skin on and after with just the grapefruit meat and of course my blackberry to compare for size.

Anyways, every other day is a little different from the next and besides reducing parsley, I have a small idea that having milk might actually be better for me. Strange because this is opposite of what many say and defiant to most allergy books. I’m thinking this because the weeks I was eating the rice pudding and other creamy products I found my skin to be smoother too…. This milk thing will be my next experiment, maybe in another week or two.

Well there are 10 days left to this 90 days. Let’s make the last of this fun.

Class, No-Gluten, Work and Stress
November 17th, 2009

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Hi all. It’s been a bit tough posting the past couple days, been in a full-time class, having no-gluten, working and stressing out a bit. I could use a donut or bagel around now. I’m having lunch at my class catered but the choices are salads and more salads from Boudin. Good, but it’s getting boring. More to report back on new Zambazon Acai drinks and a soy sauce taste test. Coming soon….!

Get To Know GFCO
November 4th, 2009

Get To Know GFCO

Boring Logo. Looks like a 9-year old made it in MS Paint.

As food package labeling changes with our times, I found the organization that certifies gluten-free foods and how they’re being added to labels now. The Gluten-Free Certification Organization, GFCO, is a non-profit that has generally the following criteria for being certified. See more on their website.

* Periodic gluten testing in the manufacturing facility using GFCO-approved testing methods, to meet the minimum GFCO standard of less than 10 ppm gluten in a finished product. A discount buying program is available to GFCO companies.

* Periodic plant inspections by a GFCO contracted auditor.

* Random product testing from end-user shelf by GFCO

* Contract is renewed annually unless specified by either party.

Having shown this, it does not mean that other products that don’t show the certification aren’t gluten-free. It seems this organization started out of the Gluten Intolerance Group which then created this certification program back in 2005. It is still new and it’s an organization like any testing company where the businesses need to pay an annual fee to continue the certification. Therefore small businesses may not be apt to doing this right away. Either way good to know it exists and their website has a list of all their certified products.

PS. Their logo really bothers me, it’s so generic and the words are just plopped there. The website is quite bland looking as well. I hope they eventually change it to something a little more interesting so someone who is a celiac or gluten intolerant will look at it proudly.