Wanted: Research on Cause of Gluten Allergies

Check out this article that just came out from LiveScience.com about the research to pinpointing the causes of gluten allergies. This article makes me so happy that there are people in the world doing the research to understand how it’s effecting the immune system and how to start helping people with it. They have a found that certain gluten peptides are responsible for generating most of their patients reactions.

After reading the article I can start seeing many connections to eczema as a form of symptom to a gluten sensitivity and/or full blown allergy. Finally someone is coming up with the true root cause of a problem rather than just trying to fix the aftermath of a breakout. The research is mainly held in Australia currently and news has spread around the world. Let’s hope they can learn more and come up with some solutions and connections to something like eczema and other immune reactions that people suffer from.

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In one of the most anticipated weddings of the year, Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky have been making headlines in the foodie world. According to various sources their $11,000, likely NYC based Babycakes or Lulu’s Cake Boutique, wedding cake is gluten-free. It’s also stated that their menu is heavily vegan and gluten-free and the only meat is grass-fed beef. Go Clinton’s for being so bold and showing their guests how it can be done to eat well and go big.

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Soy-Yer Gluten-Free Play Dough

Check out this cool new product for kids, adults and artists alike called Soy-Yer Dough (http://store.soy-yer.com). The product was made as an alternative to Play-Doh that kids use to play with and model things with. The ingredient is soy based, but if you’re also allergic to that they carry a soy-free version also. This product comes in 11 different varieties so you’ll never run out of colors or scents. Make sure you kids don’t eat it though. That tangerine dangling there is making me thirsty.

Think of all the amazing things you could be making and still be gluten-free. Check out this old Sony Bravia commercial based on stop motion and play-doh and maybe it’ll inspire you to make something cool with Soy-Yer.