I am a young professional with a background in the sciences. I grew up in your typical Silicon Valley ways, computers, Alpha Beta Supermarkets, and drives on the 280. Ever since I was born I’ve had eczema. It’s come and gone the way a denim jacket does. You put it away, it’s forgotten and one day it stares you in the face and you can’t get rid of it. There’s too much history and you know no other way than to keep it.

Several days ago, I found myself awoken to a clawing, scratching crazy rash all over my body. How to describe the feeling…imagine when you get a haircut and there’s those little hairs that get stuck in your shirt. It pokes at you, sometimes sharp, sometimes tickling. You can swipe them away and even when they’re gone, you keep swiping, feeling like it’s still there. Now there’s like a thousand of them all over your body, but it’s not really swiping away rather it’s cutting into your skin. Needless to say the night was full of tossing and turning, ice packs on the raw skin until the sun rose and my eyes swelled shut.

Next day I find myself heading to Urgent Care (it’s pretty much the ER). A young doctor takes a look at me and I’m feeling desperate and  defeated that stupid eczema brought me here.

My check in band.

My check-in band.

I’m angry because I’m expecting him to prescribe some junk cream that the pharmaceuticals have sold to me and many doctors of the past. After talking a short time he says “Have you tried eliminating gluten?”

Flashback 1: High School. Friendly teasing. ” Is that hickey on your neck?” Me, “No I wish, it’s eczema.” ( I’d rather it be a hickey, even Drew Barrymore in Never Been Kissed didn’t have eczema.)

Flashback 2: Sudden list of cosmetic products I’ve tried, they total in the thousands of $s.

This may go away by “eliminating gluten.” Sounds so simple.

I am a woman, I am an engineer, I am rational, I am sensitive, I am giving up gluten…for 90 days. I choose 90 days because gluten might not be my problem, it could be pine cones, chives, pickles, milk, dust, smog, stress, or maybe my old denim jacket containing a skin drying disease in it. If this theory is true, I guess I need to continue this, but if not I may go back to my old ways, Doritos, wheat bread and all.

Thanks for reading.

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  2. Jessica Roberts says:

    I will be interested to see how this goes. I have had a bad stomach for three years and I half-heartedly eliminated gluten from my diet for like a week (maybe less if I’m honest). I tend to get discouraged if I don’t discern a substantial change immediately. Anyway I still wonder if gluten is the culprit; maybe your blog will inspire me to try it again :)

  3. chris backley says:

    Good luck, I applaud anyone with the courage to change

  4. Frank says:

    Omg, this is amazing!
    Put up a rss feed so I can subscribe!

  5. janice says:

    Good luck – I’ll be checking in to see how this goes. It’s amazing how many processed food products contain gluten!

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  7. Thanks for coming to the site and appreciate your feedback. Hopefully I’ll be able to update my blog UI sometime in the future.

  8. seaweed jack says:

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  9. Lynne says:

    Try yeast/gluten free living. Also I started making a lotion called Ebelegy that I sell on Etsy because my daughter had eczema from birth too. The lotion has cleared up her eczema tremendously. It’s make with hemp oil and it’s all organic and natural. I can send you a sample for you to try. I know it heals the wounds faster than neosporin.

  10. Lynne thanks for reading. That’s fantastic that you created something for your daughter and that it helps. Keep it up.

  11. Petunia says:

    Dear Gluten Admin:

    Not sure if you are still on here? Please take a look at your Frederic Fekkai post. One of the ingredients in the Glossing shampoo is “Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein” so it is therefore NOT gluten free. Many people rely on others to do their sleuthing and I would hate for someone to unknowingly use the shampoo. I spoke to one of their customer service reps and she promised there is no hidden gluten- anything wheat, rye or barley based would be labelled as such. I am looking to try their Shea shampoo line. I tried the Silky Straight Ironless products at an event last week. Nice products, pricey, but nice.

    I was finally diagnosed with Celiac Disease after years of illness and suffering a variety of symptoms, including skin problems. It was not until I went completely gluten free that my symptoms started to subside. It takes a lot of work. There is gluten hidden everywhere.

    Hope all is well for you. (perhaps I should have read your final entry)

    Kind regards.


  12. Thanks Petunia. For some time I’ve switched away and don’t have the bottle to look at. However I’m now using Acure Organics a truly amazing brand. Check it out. I’ll have to put a post about their creams and shampoo. So great! Thanks for reading.

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