Ener-G Tapioca Bread

I think I found hobbit elvan bread. I picked up some Ener-g Tapioca Bread from Whole Foods since I’ve been craving bread lately. Everyone else is having their Acme baguettes, sandwiches and toast. I’m getting jealous. Take a look at this picture, the bread is about half the size of Oroweat bread which I use to eat. The texture is dense and much tougher than the fluffy regular stuff.

To warm it through, I gave it toast and it goes for a little less time. The line between nicely toasted and burnt is very fine. There is also this scent of the bread that isn’t too pleasing. I guess it’s the tapioca, but I keep smelling it trying to figure out what it is. Anyways this isn’t really doing the trick so I might try either rice bread or a completely different brand. I feel like a little hobbit eating this.

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